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As is the case with most areas, there are always a number of fly patterns that perform better than others. The flats of tropical Western Australia are no different.

Over the years a couple of patterns in particular have far out classed their rivals. The first of these is likely to be found in every saltwater flyfishers arsenal. The Clouser Minnow!

In our waters this fly would be hands down the No.1 fish taker. Whether fishing the flats, mangrove creeks or deep water this fly does it all.

Over a weeks fishing you will go through a lot of flies, I would recommend anglers bring around 50-100 Clousers in varying weights and sizes between 1 and 3/0. The majority should be around 1-1/0 with medium size dumbell eyes. Preferred color is Fluoro Charteuse over White, and Fluoro Yellow over White, lightly dressed and with only a few strands of flash.

We have had many trips with anglers taking over 20 species of fish all on Chartreuse Clousers so come prepared.

The next killer fly is one developed specifically for the area, and tied by Ian to represent a number of local baitfish species. Known widely throughout Australia as "Openshaw's Ghost" this is another must have fly on any trip to the region. Tied on circle and tuna style hooks in sizes from 2 to 6/0 tandem rigs. This is another fly best tied lightly dressed using grey, tan and white kinky fibre or similar, this fly has no flash in the body and only a mimimal amount around the throat. Most common size we use on the flats are hook sizes 1 or 2 that result in a fly around 3 inches in legnth.

Poppers are another must have simply from the point of getting those spectacular takes. We do have have a personal preference for White and White & Red foam bodied poppers. Size 4/0 hook would be our most commonly used size.

Crease flies are extremely effective, unfortunately they only seem to last 2 or 3 fish before they are destroyed. Silvery baitfish colours are especially effective and this is one pattern we would use a lot more or if we could tie them to last longer.

Crab patterns are again a useful inclusion to your fly box along with an assortment of Crazy Charlies. Crazy Charlies should also be lightly dressed with medium weight eyes in various sizes from 1 to 8. Best colours again are Charteuse & White with minimal flash.

Various Crabs pattern are essential if you are thinking of targeting Permit. Merkin style patterns are the best in various weights and hook sizes (4 to 8). Colors should include Green, Tan, Brown & White.

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